RQラボデジタル写真集 森咲智美 私服 & ビキニ 121photos


Tomomi Morisaki's Race Queen Lab Series work, which is active as a gravure idol. Her young lady's look in plain clothes does not make you feel uncomfortable while walking in Ginza. The bikini in the latter half was also a work that felt elegance from beginning to end with a subdued color.

森崎友美(Tomimi Morisaki)的Race Queen Lab系列作品,作为照相凹版偶像而活跃。 穿着便服的年轻女士的身姿并没有使您在银座散步时感到不舒服。 后半部分的比基尼也是一件作品,始终以柔和的色彩给人以优雅的感觉。