RQラボデジタル写真集 201500106 森咲智美 ビキニ 106photos


Tomomi Morisaki's early gravure work, which is also active as a member of the idol group and is also active in gravure activities. I don't have a pheromone like this yet, but I can fully convey its qualities. I think there were many shots where I was a little worried about the bulge around my eyes. Maybe it's because of my mind.

森崎友美(Tomomi Morisaki)的早期凹版印刷工作,该活动也很活跃,是偶像团体的一员,并且还积极参与凹版印刷活动。 我还没有这样的信息素,但是我可以充分传达它的品质。 我认为很多镜头令我有点担心眼睛周围的凸起。 也许是因为我的想法。

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