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Rio Natsume of “J Cup Gravure” with a 98 cm bust. Rumors of her wonderful bust cross the sea … On an overseas site, she was introduced in “The most cute boobs of 15 Japanese girls” and ranked 7th! She declared her retirement from gravure in 2011. If you are a fan, buy it immediately! Even if it isn’t, it’s a must-see ant! is!

98 厘米胸围的“J Cup Gravure”Rio Natsume。 那个漂亮的胸围传出海面……在海外某网站,在“最可爱的15个日本女孩的胸部”中被介绍并排名第7! 在 2011 年被错过的同时宣布退出凹版印刷。 如果您是粉丝,请立即购买! 就算不是,也是必看的蚂蚁! 是!