YOUNG ヤンマガデジタル写真集 小倉優香「ぐらちゃん、ブレイク前」(2017.12.22) 76photos


In 2017, Gura-chan made a shocking debut on the first cover of Yanmaga and quickly became a top idol. It captures her innocent appearance in her first gravure shoot, taken the day after her high school graduation. Yanmaga There is no doubt that you will feel more familiar with Gura-chan, who is full of unpublished cuts that could not be published in this magazine and remains a little awkward. This is a must-see photo book of gems!

2017年,Gura-chan在Yanmaga的第一张封面上出道令人震惊,并迅速成为顶级偶像。 这是高中毕业典礼后的第二天拍摄的第一张凹版照片。 Yanmaga 毫无疑问,你会更熟悉 Gura-chan,他充满了无法在这本杂志上发表的未发表的剪辑,并且仍然有点尴尬。 这是一本必看的宝石写真集!