FRIDAYデジタル写真集 三上悠亜 Yua mikami「マジで恋するヘアヌード」70photos


Yua Mikami appears in the newly-taken digital photobook series presented by the editorial department of "FRIDAY"! "The cutest record their body in Japan" that makes the world's men enthusiastic! F milk marshmallow body with super cute looks. It is exactly one talented person in 10 years. Includes many unreleased cuts for the first time in Japan!

三上由纪(Yua Mikami)出现在《 FRIDAY》编辑部最新发行的数码相簿系列中! “最可爱的唱片记录了他们在日本的身体”,这使全世界的男人都充满热情! F牛奶棉花糖身体具有超可爱的外观。 恰恰是10年内的一个才华横溢的人。 包括许多日本未发行的剪辑!


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