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Published in 2005
A de facto retirement commemorative photo book released just before retirement by Mai Haruna, who was popular for her friendly looks, bright personality, and H-cup dynamite body. Mai, who generously exposes her limbs under the tropical blue sky. The public exposure shots taken like amateur posted photos are dangerous! Even though it's a photo book, it's a mook book, so it's made like a magazine, but it also comes with an appendix DVD, so it's a great deal. Looking at the premier price, her popularity may be deep-rooted.

迈克·哈鲁纳(Mai Haruna)在退休前发行了事实上的退休纪念照相簿,她以友善的容貌,鲜明的个性和H杯炸药身材而广受欢迎。 麦在热带蓝天下慷慨地露出了自己的四肢。 像业余发布的照片​​一样公开曝光的照片很危险! 尽管它是一本相簿,但它是一本木册,因此它像杂志一样制作,但是还附带了附录DVD,因此非常有用。 从最优惠的价格来看,她的知名度可能根深蒂固。

爆乳Hカップ ロリアイドル 春菜まい

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