AVエロ天使 村上麗奈 スキャンダルの女王様なんて呼ばないで! 160photos


This photo book is based on the photos of "Rena Murakami", a young woman porn star who appeared in 34 pornographic films in one year, her first undressing at the age of 19, and the photos taken in Santa Rosa Island, Philippines, just before her first pornographic appearance. The scandal at the time of the Crown Prince of Brunei's visit to Japan was a big scandal that will remain in the history of pornography, made famous by the weekly magazine. It is full of pure and secret pictures taken before her AV debut.

我把一年内出演34部AV作品的女优型AV女优 "村上丽奈 "的照片,19岁时的第一张脱衣照,以及第一次AV演出前在菲律宾圣罗莎岛拍摄的照片做了一个集合。 文莱王储访日时的丑闻,是周刊上报道的大丑闻,在AV史上留下了痕迹。 满满的都是她出道前拍的AV纯洁秘照。

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