AVエロ天使 桜井あみ19歳 童顔でもオッパイは大きいの! 138photos


This is the second photo collection full of the beautiful skin of adult film actress "Ami Sakurai", who has not a single stain on her face that makes you want to touch her. She is a girl with a crinkle-eyed face, a baby face, E-cup breasts, and a gentle atmosphere. She was photographed in nurse's costume and maid costume at Amicha's request. She couldn't stop smiling during the filming of the bold poses in Bali.

这是樱井亚美女士的第二张照片集,满满都是樱井亚美女士的伊亚莉莎,她是AV女优,拥有让人想触摸她的美丽肌肤,没有一丝污点。 她是一个长着一张皱巴巴的脸,一张娃娃脸,E杯尖胸,温柔大气的女孩。 阿米夏要求我们为她拍摄护士装和女仆装。 在巴厘岛拍摄大胆摆拍的过程中,她从未停止过笑容。

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