PROTO STAR 飯豊まりえ vol.1 81photos


Marie-chan, an exclusive model of Shinchosha "Nikola", is a transparent beautiful girl ♪ This year she made a regular appearance in the drama "Kasukana Kano", and now she also appears in "Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger" as Yayoi Urshade. We are expanding the field of activity steadily!

新作社「尼古拉」的专属模特儿玛丽chan是个透明的美丽女孩♪今年,她经常出演电视剧《神秘女友》,现在她也以弥生Urshade出演《野兽力量中队京瓷》。 我们正在稳步扩大活动领域!

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