PROTO STAR 飯豊まりえ vol.3 50photos

今夏、集英社「Seventeen」の専属モデルとなったまりえってぃー♪モデルだけでなく女優としても活躍中!フジテレビ系ドラマ『あすなろ三三七拍子』藤巻美紀役は必見♪まりえってぃーは、PROTO STARイチオシの美少女です!

This summer, she became an exclusive model for Shueisha "Seventeen" ♪ She is active not only as a model but also as an actress! The role of Miki Fujimaki in the Fuji TV drama "Asunaro Sansanshoko" is a must-see ♪ Marie Miyake is a beautiful girl of PROTO STAR!

今年夏天,Marieti成为了集英社“十七岁”的独家模特♪她不仅活跃于模特儿,还活跃于女演员! 三木藤M在富士电视连续剧《 Asunaro 33七拍》中的角色是必看的♪Marie Tee是PROTO STAR的美丽姑娘!

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