Yukipoyogram Another Edition ゆきぽよ 135photos

今やすっかり人気者となった「ゆきぽよ」。2019年1月の発売以来、彼女の地上波バラエティなどでの快進撃とともに好評を得てきた『Yukipoyogram ゆきぽよ写真集』が重版決定! 紙書籍版と同じく電子書籍版も売れ行き好調の中、ゆきぽよ世代にも買い易い価格のスペシャルバージョンを企画しました。本書は「Yukipoyogram」に収まりきらなかった未公開カットをたっぷりと詰め込んだ、総計140ページにも及ぶ大ボリュームのアザーカットデジタル写真集。格好良くて可愛くて、セクシーなのに純真さも持ち合わせる彼女がいっぱい見られる『Yukipoyogram Another Edition』を是非ご覧ください。

"Yuki Poyo" has become very popular now. Since its release in January 2019, "Yukipoyogram Her Yuki Poyo Photobook", which has been well received along with her terrestrial variety shows, has been reprinted! As with the paper book version, the e-book version is selling well, and we have planned a special version with a price that is easy for the Yuki Poyo generation to buy. This book is a large-volume other-cut digital photo book with a total of 140 pages, packed with plenty of unpublished cuts that could not fit in "Yukipoyogram". Please take a look at "Yukipoyogram Another Edition" where you can see a lot of girlfriends who are cool, cute, sexy but also innocent.

“ Yuki Poyo”现在非常流行。 自2019年1月发行以来,已经重印了她的陆地综艺节目《 Yukipoyogram Yuki Poyo写真集》! 与纸质书一样,电子书也卖得很好,我们还计划了一个特殊的版本,其价格很容易让Yuki Poyo一代购买。 这本书是一本大容量的其他剪裁数码写真书,共140页,其中包含许多未出版的剪裁,而这些剪裁未包含在“ Yukipoyogram”中。 请看看“ Yukipoyogram Another Edition”,在这里您可以看到很多很酷,可爱,性感但又清白的女朋友。

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