FLASHデジタル写真集R 三上悠亜 Yua mikami 国民的な夏の思い出。 67photos


Split watermelons on the scorching sandy beach where you can play bikinis, fireworks in the backyard when the sun goes down, and H in a loose yukata. Why don't you make "memories of one summer" that you will never forget with her from a former national idol group?

在炎热的沙滩上劈西瓜,在那儿您可以玩比基尼,在太阳下山时在后院放烟花,在宽松的浴衣中放H。 你为什么不做一个她永远都不会忘记的“一个夏天的回忆”,她来自一个曾经的全国偶像团体?

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